In accordance with the educational currculum order (2011) The curriculum for pupils aged from 5 to 14 years shall include Manx Culture and History, with elements of citizenship built in across a variety of subjects.

In terms of Citizenship and Politics, the Department of Education, Sport and Culture work closely with the office of the Clerk of Tynwald to ensure young people on the Island learn about and acquire knowledge of the Island's Political History and present business.

At Primary level, pupils visit the House of Keys and take part in the Tynwald experience. At Secondary level DESC and Tynwald have developed a scheme of learning for year 9 pupils surrounding involvement in the Democratic process, how IOM government affects young people, and how young people can affect IOM government.

Every year, 6th form pupils from the 5 Secondary schools take part in Junior Tynwald. Pupils take on the roles of MHKs on the da and the sitting is recorded in Hansard.

In 2018/19 all parties will embark on an initiative aimed at developing an Isle of Man Youth Parliament.

Links to all activities and work in this area are below.

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