By supporting opportunities for students to engage with the Isle of Man’s cultural and natural heritage, and encountering elements of national and international history, including Manx language where possible, pupils develop an enhanced understanding of their own country and the wider world. A sense of place enables the child to recognise the unique identity of the Isle of Man and helps develop a sense of responsibility for, and a willingness to participate in, the preservation of heritage. Promoting and teaching the Manx Curriculum generates an appreciation of cultural and historical inheritance and helps develop pupils’ pride in, and advocacy for, Manx culture and identity.

Rationale for the Inclusion of Manx Curriculum in Schools

The Education Act 2001 stated the Department shall by order prescribe a curriculum for all registered pupils of compulsory school age at provided schools and maintained schools.

The curriculum shall include provision for the following matters —

... (b) the teaching of Manx Gaelic and the culture and history of the Island;

The Education (Curriculum) (No 2) Order 2004 specifies the following principles which shall apply to the curriculum for all pupils of compulsory school age:
c) where appropriate, the content of all subjects shall include references to Manx culture and history; (which may be taught through other subjects)

The Department also expects Citizenship to be an aspect of the curriculum from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 4, though it may well be taught to younger pupils through consideration of Manx culture and history.

Although not statutory, schools are expected to make reference to the Isle of Man Department of Education Curriculum Guidance Documents; History, Geography, Citizenship, Art and Music. These documents are intended as guidelines and can be used in their entirety or in part to aid the planning and teaching of subjects in key stages 1 and 2 but there is no compulsion to do so. It is, however, the responsibility of every Head Teacher to ensure the curriculum complies with the requirements of the Isle of Man Education Act 2001 and the associated subordinate legislation including ‘The education (curriculum) order 2004’.

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