Lifelong learning can be defined as the provision or use of both formal and informal learning opportunities throughout people's lives in order to foster continuous development and improvement of the knowledge and skills required for employment and personal fulfilment.

Learning is an essential ingredient for a happy and healthy life. The more we learn the more successful, the more adaptable, and the more fulfilled we become. The more we learn the more understanding and accepting of others, the more engaged with society, and the more useful we are. Learning adds value to our lives and to our communities.Lifelong learning is all learning that we engage with throughout our lives. It is much broader than formal education and it’s far deeper than the pursuit of knowledge. It’s learning how we learn, it’s equipping ourselves with skills for the workplace and life’s challenges, it’s learning to live with and understand others, and it’s learning for pleasure and personal development.A true Learning Society not only values learning, but recognises the value of learning and therefore encourages and celebrates all learning.As an island we want to...

  • Help people find the motivation to want to learn
  • Highlight all the available opportunities to learn
  • Reduce the barriers to learning

...across peoples lives and throughout...Childhood, adolescence, adulthood, parenthood, middle age, third age and old age.

'One Island, One School' Transition - KS2-3


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What is E4L?

'Essentials for Learning' (E4L) is the Department of Education, Sport and Culture's curriculum statement. It provides broad parameters for schools to develop flexible, exciting and memorable learning experiences and positive learning dispositions. "E4L's…

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'One Island, One School' Transition KS2-KS3

At various points in a child's lifelong learning journey, learning moves from one setting to another. At each key point in this journey, our education system aims to ensure a smooth transition of learning, whilst maintaining clear and consistent arrangements for induction and the transferrence of p…

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