Teeswater sheep came to Ballaugh School today to help us with our topic learning. The fleece from these sheep gives us soft wool for our clothing. However, the wool from the mountain sheep isn’t used for clothing, it is sold for wool carpets as it is too itchy.
Oshin’s topic question was about shearing and we learned that 250 sheep can be sheared in 8 hours and special clothes have to be worn to do this.
In the reception class, they asked how much milk a lamb drank and we were all surprised that they drink more as they grow and can end up drinking upto 500ml.
Cheryl taught us how to wrap the wool up to keep it together ready for the next stage of its process.
We all learned that in the Isle of Man a boy sheep is called a tup but in the North west of England, they would call it a ram.

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